Hi, I'm Bence. I design mobile and web experiences.

I post case studies on Behance, screenshots on Dribbble, photos on Instagram. Sometimes I write on Medium.
I currently work for UXstudio in Budapest.

About me


I love to explore and experiment. Constant learing is key, that's why I love to try out new things and tools.


I can proudly say that I'm a self thought designer. I've learnt everything by myself driven by my curiosity.

Be passionate

Design is not a work for me. It's my passion. I'm addicted to problem-solving.

Work hard

I believe that hard work brings success. That's why I enjoy the nights I spend with pushing pixels.




Special thanks to the amazing creators who inspire me every day. Without them I wouldn't be where I am now. Thank you Travis, Carlos, Tobias and Ran, keep on rocking!